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One Summit, Four Ways To Get There

One Summit, Four Ways To Get There

Devil’s Mountain is the highest peak in the Upper-Laurentians. By going to the highest point, you will not only have the most beautiful view, but also the chance to fill your belly at
de la Montagne du Diable
. For the more adventurous, you can climb the 85 steps to the observation tower.

Snowshoeing or hiking

With little equipment, you will be able to reach the summit using trails that offer a diversity of exceptional forest environments! The trail starts at the Village des Bâtisseurs in the
Devil’s Mountain Regional Park
where you must purchase your daily access fee. If needed, it is possible to rent crampons, snowshoes and walking sticks, which is not a bad idea in order to accomplish the tumultuous and steep parts of the trails in addition to the abundant snow you may encounter! In single track, it is a 6.4 km hike by the trails 3a-3-2-1 and 5a which will lead you to the edge of the splendid sight which offers this mythical mountain of the Upper-Laurentians.

Nordic skiing

Another way to explore the park, Nordic ski touring is practiced on marked and unmarked trails. Are you interested in this experience? The
Diable Mountain Regional Park
offers equipment rental for this activity as well as lessons for beginners through their
You can also take lessons for beginners at their Acadéski, allowing you to get started in this sport. Your adventure begins at the Village des Bâtisseurs by purchasing your day pass and setting out on a 7.1 km journey along trails 8a-8b-B and A.


The Upper-Laurentians are renowned for their impressive snowmobile trail networks. To reach the Relais, it is possible to leave from Mont-Laurier for a circuit totalling approximately 25 kilometers to the top of the mountain. To get there, simply take the trails T63 for 3.3 km, T13 for 14 km and L for 7 km. You can also take a short detour to see the Windigo Falls and then return before sunset.


It is also possible to climb to the top of the mountain with your favorite RV. Safe and developed quad trails will allow you to organize your departure from Mont-Laurier. The shortest trail is 23 km to the driveway using the 2516, the 20 and back to the 2516 in order. You can also combine it with a circuit, such as the Devil’s Mountain circuit, which totals 95 km and also takes you through the CIP towers.

Various merchants offer snowmobile and quad equipment rentals so that you can fully experience the winter in our region.

If you need help planning an outing, contact the Tourisme Upper-Laurentians team at 1.888.560.9988 or


Photo credit: Parc régional Montagne du Diable & Nicolas Aubry

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Written by : Émilie

Published on : 31 January 2023

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