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The Huard Beach: My Favorite Beach!

The Huard Beach: My Favorite Beach!


The Huard beach is known throughout the Upper-Laurentians. Located in the Parc La Biche at Lac-du-Cerf, for a modest price of about ten dollars per car, we spend a day filled with sun and softness lying in the sand. For people like me who enjoy both solitary walks and lively socializing, this is the place to be! The day before my day at the beach, I’m going to get different products like strawberry and rhubarb beer from Microbrasserie du Lièvre and “quick quick” cheese from Fromagerie le P’tit Train du Nord.

In the morning, I put on my favorite swimsuit and I’m ready for a day of fun, laughter, relaxation and tanning. For those who like a little peace and quiet, it’s best to arrive in the morning, around 10 a.m., the perfect time to choose our “spot”, to settle in, to cream, to chat, to take a first dip and to dry under the rays before dinner and the crowds.

In the afternoon, the beach is bustling with families, groups of friends and couples; people even arrive by boat to join in the fun! People are smiling, playing, relaxing and watching the kids having fun while getting a tan. At the end: it’s all about talking, laughing and some flirting !

People swimming with ducks

One of the many reasons why this is one of the most popular beaches in the entire region is its slight drop-off, as you actually have to walk a few dozen meters in the water before being submerged. The Huard beach offers an incomparable playground for frisbee or ball throwing or for young children who can splash around without parents worrying. Add to that the fact that Lac du Cerf is widely known for its clear water and that this element adds greatly to the beauty of the beach if you are a photo enthusiast.

At the end of the afternoon, people leave quietly by boat, the families leave to make supper for the children and the calm falls again. Sometimes I even make the drive after work just to get my legs wet while a handful of people laze around on their towels. So, the empty beach offers me a great opportunity for beautiful scenery under the golden light of 6:30 pm (or self-portraits for my Instagram, yep!). One of my favorite moments was when, with both legs in the water and alone on the site, I watched a magnificent ball of dragonflies swirling in the air above me. An unforgettable experience!
Whether you are there to relax, to have fun or to enjoy the beauty of nature, you will not be disappointed by your visit to Huard Beach, believe me!

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Written by : Kelly

Published on : 3 February 2022

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