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How To Plan Your Snowmobile Trip?

How To Plan Your Snowmobile Trip?
  1. A beginner? Book your guide!

If you opt for a guided tour, remember to book the day with your guide. Several companies also offer snowmobile and equipment rentals. Trail access fees are included with company rentals. To see the accommodations and dealerships that offer rentals.

  1. Maps and directions

Visualize your tour with the FCMQ’s interactive map. Also, by installing the IMotoneige app, you can even download your itinerary on your smartphone and check where you are in real time. You can also order your paper map from Tourisme Hautes-Laurentides.

Always inform someone of your itinerary and your departure and arrival times before you leave.

  1. Access rights

Don’t forget to get the necessary access rights for your stay. It is possible to purchase a 1, 3 or 7 day trail pass if you do not already have your seasonal pass.


  1. Plan your stops.

Remember to check out the services you will need along the way. So plan stops for gas, bathroom breaks and a good meal at a restaurant.

  1. Wear your best socks!

The weather can sometimes be difficult. Alpaca wool socks from Alpagas Hautes-Laurentides are a must for us! They always keep us warm for the day.


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Written by : Myriam

Published on : 28 January 2022

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