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Manon's Snowmobile Adventures At Domaine Vanier Outfitter!

Manon's Snowmobile Adventures At Domaine Vanier Outfitter!

I had the pleasure of spending two nights at Domaine Vanier Outfitters in a rustic cottage. This was my third stay in this area, twice in rustic cabins and once in a luxury cabin.

The lodging, even if it is qualified as “rustic”, includes all the necessary services such as propane appliances (fridge – stove), running water with hot water, complete bathroom with shower and propane heating as well as a wood stove. This accommodation allows you to pick up, as there is no cellular or wifi network. Disconnection guaranteed!

The luxury cottage accommodation consists of two beautiful two-story cottages, each located on a different lake, are offered with all the necessary amenities with the addition of satellite TV and wifi. These luxury cottages are available in all seasons.

The snowmobile trail passes about 15 km from the outfitter, so it is easy to reach it to explore on a trail maintained by the Piteman Club. It is also possible to go off-trail on the various trails of the outfitter.

For fun, you can bring your skates, because the owners have set up a skating rink maintained with a zamboni! Yes, yes, a zamboni! A snowshoeing or hiking trail is also available through the forest. I have not tried ice fishing, but I imagine it is available for a fee, to be validated on site.

Located north of Sainte-Anne-du-Lac, it takes about 1h30 from Mont-Laurier to get there on a very well maintained road.

The Lachaine and Millaire families are very welcoming and concerned about our well-being.

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Written by : Manon

Published on : 17 March 2022

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