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Manon's Snowmobile Adventures In The Upper-Laurentians Outfitters

Manon's Snowmobile Adventures In The Upper-Laurentians Outfitters

It is a departure for a beautiful big hike over two days.

Leaving Mont-Laurier, we take the local trail #263 to pass through some streets of the city of Mont-Laurier. A marked trail takes us across the Lièvre River to local trail #228 and Trans-Quebec trail #13 which leads us to the Devil’s Mountain. The landscape is quite diversified: fields, residential areas and then the forest which brings us to the top of the Devil’s Mountain. The closer we get to the summit, the composition of the forest changes and we find a lot of conifers and, if we are lucky, these are so full of snow that they look like ghosts. Beautiful!

Le Relais, located at the top of Devil’s Mountain, offers a complete restaurant service with a variety of dishes to satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. But as we have just left, getting to the Relais takes about 45 minutes from Mont-Laurier, so we continue our journey.

Still on the Trans-Quebec trail #13, this one will bring us to our destination for lunch, the Notawissi Club. The trail passes through the village of Sainte-Anne-du-Lac where it is necessary to cross the immense Tapani lake for a distance of approximately 7.4 kilometers, on a wide, straight and very well marked trail and where one finds, on the lake, an intersection. Yes, yes, an intersection! On the left is the trail that leads us to our destination after about 40 kilometers of beautiful forest trails. The speed limit is 70 km/hour on the trails (except in specific and well identified areas). I won’t say how fast I crossed the lake… Haha!

The Notawissi Club is located on the shore of the lake of the same name and we can admire it while sitting in the large dining room where we enjoy a meal accompanied by a local beer from the Microbrasserie du Lièvre of Mont-Laurier. We then resume our hike via Trans-Quebec trails #13 and #33 for our next stop, the 100 Lakes South Outfitter located about 135 kilometers away.

The 100 Lakes South Outfitter is one of my favorites. Located on the edge of the immense Adonis lake, it is a very beautiful accommodation, the kitchen is succulent (the flank steak is a must and their specialty) and the staff is very friendly. We are always very well received there. Relaxed evening in good company around a delicious meal.

After having done 270 kilometers since this morning, a good night’s sleep is deserved. Tomorrow we expect another good day for the return home.

After a hearty lunch, we take the Trans-Quebec trail # 53 which brings us, via very beautiful wide trails, where we follow a portion of the Lièvre River, to the Mekoos Outfitter, after about 110 kilometers and where we will stop for lunch. The place is full of charm with its wooden reception. It is a very busy place where you can have a drink in a huge lounge/bar and then eat in the dining room with a magnificent view of Lake Iroquois. Back to the #53 and then follow the local trail #253 to go along the immense and magnificent Kiamika Reservoir. Return via Trans-Quebec trails #53 and #63, which is the linear park le P’tit train du nord to Mont-Laurier.

It is important to underline that each of the outfitters we visited offers the service to fill up with gas, an essential during a long hike.

In all, we will have covered 466 kilometers over these two days where Mother Nature offered us a mild temperature for this month of January.

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Written by : Manon

Published on : 1 March 2023

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