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Ski Hok : A Happy Mix

Ski Hok : A Happy Mix

It is well known that the Parc régional montagne du Diable is an outdoor destination where you can experience a multitude of outdoor sports. This winter, I made it my mission to discover Hok skiing.

For those of you who are new to Hok skiing like me, you should know that it is also called snowshoe skiing. If it bears this name, it is because it is a really nice mix of these two winter outdoor activities. So we have a ski, shorter and wider than a cross-country ski, which is attached with the same type of binding as a snowshoe. No need for a specific boot, your favorite winter sport boot will do! With two walking (or skiing) poles in hand, we are in business! With its synthetic skin on the underside of the ski, we enjoy a good glide forward and downhill, but also a strong grip on the snow in the climbs! For maximum pleasure, the ideal is to take the unbeaten paths, the free snow not tapped is perfect for Hok skiing!

So it was for a short afternoon that I finally went to try Hok skiing at the Parc régional montagne du Diable. Since rentals are available on site, my companions and I were all able to get equipped for a very affordable price! The staff was so welcoming and took the time to give us a little Hok ski 101 and guide us through the many trail options available to us. As someone who loves snowshoeing and occasionally enjoys cross-country skiing, I was very curious to try this in-between activity and I fell in love with it!

Our discovery was very rewarding! At the Parc régional montagne du Diable, we were able to use the snowshoeing trails as well as the classic and nordic ski trails. We had fun experimenting with the classic ski trails, which are groomed. We then took an alternative trail that allowed us to move on an ungroomed area. The experience in the snow is quite different! With its width and curvature at the front, the Hok ski tries to float on top of the snow, so it makes it easier to climb and you can glide smoothly downhill. It must be said that, in a good depth of snow, the skis obviously sink into it, but this has the effect of only slowing down the descent a little. For someone who is a little scared like me, it’s really perfect! If you prefer a little more speed, a longer size of Hoks skis can increase it.

The effort required seemed equivalent to snowshoeing, but with a little extra adrenaline for the descents (and a few more falls, admittedly). Nevertheless, we moved en masse and with the mild temperature we had, we were far from having “frette” as they say!

In short, I am very proud to have taken the time to get away from the daily grind and to finally discover this new outdoor sport. I can’t wait for the next one! Perhaps we will be braver and try to go to the Paroi de l’Aube, or even to the Relais de la montagne du Diable? Who knows!

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Written by : Myriam

Published on : 1 March 2023

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