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Manon's Snowmobile Adventures At The Relais De La Montagne Du Diable

Manon's Snowmobile Adventures At The Relais De La Montagne Du Diable

This evening, a small Tuesday evening with a mild temperature, we are going to have dinner at the Relais de la Montagne du Diable. Why not!


From Mont-Laurier, by snowmobile, it’s a 55 minutes ride for a snowmobiler of my style, that is to say who rides slowly, which allows to admire the magnificent landscape of one of the beautiful forests of the Upper-Laurentians, in addition to having the chance to admire nearly a dozen deer which also like the well maintained trails of the local snowmobile clubs.

As a little snow falls, we arrive at the Relais and the view on the region is not the most captivating unfortunately. It’s grey and we can’t see the landscape… But on a clear day, it’s beautiful, I swear!!!


The Relais is a beautiful building where you are warmly welcomed by Suzanne, the cook and the person in charge of the Relais during the winter season. Its large windows, fireplace, sloped roof and wood flooring on the ceiling give it a nice cachet.

A good beer from the local microbrewery accompanies our pasta-pizza dish. Yum, Suzanne’s spag sauce is very good. We finish with a small touch of sweetness.

The return is done in the dark. It’s a different feeling to walk in the forest with only the light of a snowmobile. I love it.


To be done again, I confirm….

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Written by : Manon

Published on : 17 March 2022

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