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Snowmobiling Is For Everyone!

Snowmobiling Is For Everyone!

When I arrived in the Upper Laurentians, few people told me they didn’t like snowmobiling. I love motorcycles and winter sports, so snowmobiling seemed like the perfect choice for me, great explorer that I am!


Preparation for me is important, and to go outside, it’s not complicated: GET WET! On the other hand, when the temperature is below -30 degrees Celsius, dressing warmly… it doesn’t solve all the problems!


Not having a snowmobile, I decided to rent one at Constantineau et Fils where they even include real gear for the snowmobile and we left. As mentioned earlier, it was -30 degrees Celsius that day, so my helmet fogged up and froze! I can’t see anything and fortunately I’m not the one driving! Ask about having a small mask over your nose and mouth to prevent this from happening. It also seems that some helmet sprays exist to reduce the fogging effect in winter.

On the surface, it’s easy to drive a snowmobile, but when you’ve never done it before, it can take a while to feel in control, but once you’re going, there’s nothing to stop you!


Although… it’s worth stopping here! First stop, the Relais de la Montagne du Diable. Wow, what a view! On a clear day, you can even see Mont Tremblant in the distance.


Second stop: the CIP towers. This is the best view you will find to contemplate the Baskatong reservoir.


We then decided to go to the Rabaska Lodge. The owners, Dominique and Martin, gave us a very warm welcome. And even though sanitary measures forced the restaurant to close, the take-out meals were delicious and we were able to warm up by the outdoor fire.

In total, we did 172 km that day. In my humble opinion, this may be a bit ambitious for beginners who do not exceed 50 km/h. If you are lucky, choose a warmer weather and lower your distance goal, you won’t regret it!


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Written by : Émilie

Published on : 28 January 2022

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