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Canoe-Camping Tips By A Beginner: Be Careful Not To Fall In The Water!

Canoe-Camping Tips By A Beginner: Be Careful Not To Fall In The Water!

I’m used to glamping, so I thought I’d ride the wave of the canoe-camping trend!

Fortunately, here in the Upper-Laurentians, there is something for everyone. Whether it is to simply go to your lean-to at the Parc régional Montagne du Diable or to camp on the islands at the Parc régional du Poisson Blanc or the Parc régional Kiamika. Even for a completely self-sufficient experience, it is also possible to canoe-camp on the Mitchinamecus River.

Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to tell myself that 12 kilometers to go sleep on an island… was perhaps a little exaggerated for a girl who is not very athletic; 5 kilometers seemed more reasonable! But between us, I would have done even less hihi! Lesson number 1: Respect your physical activity level when booking your campsite.

So, for my clan and me, we headed to the Kiamika Regional Park. My crew for this experience was composed of my boyfriend and my best friend who are both forest resourceful and regular campers. Then there was me, the VERY beginner and my dog ancestor who had never set foot in a canoe. So we opted for the luggage transport service, and honestly I didn’t regret it! In retrospect, we would have had difficulty with weight and space in the canoe. Which brings me to my lesson number 2: Plan your gear and food well to avoid bringing too much gear in the canoe.

The trip of camping on an island is to feel alone in the world and for us it was very successful. Three days of cooking, swimming, relaxing and exploring the surrounding islands. Lesson number 3: No matter what your experience level is, just try it once and see if you like it!

A story that starts well and ends well, but one of my favorite moments remains the return from the trip. As we paddled back to the reception, we saw canoes on their way out, including a group loading a wheeled suitcase into their boat. I would have loved to follow them to see how they would do in the sand, but hey, we had to get back home! Lesson number 4: You can learn by observation: avoid rolling suitcases when canoe camping!

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Written by : Émilie

Published on : 13 April 2022

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