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Why Wear A Bib During The Hunting Season?

Why Wear A Bib During The Hunting Season?

Fall is a great season for hiking enthusiasts. During pumpkin season, not only are the temperatures mild and the mosquitoes are hiding, but most importantly, it’s a time to enjoy an incredible festival of color. However, fall is also a season for hunting. Hikers and hunters must share the forest to practice their sports. It is, therefore, strongly recommended for hikers to wear a bib to be visible.

Did you know that wearing a bib is mandatory for hunters? During the firearm hunting season, hunters who do not wear their bibs are subject to a fine of several hundred dollars. The purpose of the bib requirement is to make hunting safe. A hunter wearing a bib is more easily visible and identifiable by others, which reduces the risk of firearm accidents.

The obligation to wear a bib does not apply to hikers. However, they share the forest with hunters who must wear it for their safety. So it’s obvious that this little orange garment makes hiking safer. This way, hunters are not likely to confuse hikers with game.

In short, wearing a bib when hiking during hunting season makes the activity safer.

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Written by : Léodie

Published on : 10 November 2022

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