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Want To Disconnect? Plan Your Vacation Here!

Want To Disconnect? Plan Your Vacation Here!

Nature to the rescue!

The Upper-Laurentians represent the largest area of all the Laurentians and yet it does not have the largest population! The reason is simple, the territory is mostly made up of nature, forests, lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Indeed, the Kiamika, Montagne du Diable and Poisson blanc regional parks each have their own reservoir and many Instagrammable beauties, but the best part is that you are in nature for real! Whether you prefer wilderness camping or glamping, you will find a suitable accommodation that will allow you to reconnect with yourself. Reservations are going like hotcakes so hurry up and visit their website to find out all the details and reserve your little piece of summer happiness!

Outfitters: fishing or family vacation?

There are still many people who believe that outfitters are only there for hunting and fishing, but think again! With more than one fifty or so outfitters throughout the territory, many of them offer small paradises for the whole family: cottage on the water, observation of the brown bear and why not, a gnome hunt in a canoe ! Don’t worry about it, fishing lovers We also have wilderness outfitters where you will be alone in the world with your fish.

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Written by : Kelly

Published on : 22 November 2022

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