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The Legend Of Windigo

The Legend Of Windigo

The discreet whistle of a cold wind from the depths of the forest chills your blood and the creaking of the branches inspires fear. The darkness that sets in terrifies your soul: are your senses heightened or is there really a creature behind you?

As far as the collective memory can remember, the cold announces the coming of this evil creature. It is said that in our wild forests lurks something far more frightening than a pack of wolves: a malevolent spirit, a skeletal shadow with sharp antlers on its head. It is even said that this monster has no toes, that they would have lost them in the cold winter.

The Windigo…

It is said that he is related to the devil! He roams the dark winter nights in search of desecrators of his territory. It seeks and devours men. Above all, be careful not to meet his piercing eyes! If by some miraculous chance you survive its attack, your fate, worse than death itself, will be to wander the forest in search of human flesh to feast upon. And yes, you too will become a windigo!

While walking in the Upper-Laurentians, you will have the chance to cross several places in honour of the Windigo legend such as the Windigo Falls and Montagne du Diable. For the more daring, you can even risk tasting the windigo cheese! 😉

To learn more about this legend of our land, click here🙂


* Representation of the Windigo painted by Norval Morrisseau around 1963.
Image source: The Canadian Encyclopedia.

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Written by : Émilie

Published on : 25 October 2021

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