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Meet The Tourisme Hautes-Laurentides Team!

Meet The Tourisme Hautes-Laurentides Team!


Kelly Robinette
Communications and Tourism Relations Coordinator

I have always loved to show the territory where I was born. As a young adult, when I was a volunteer sponsor for the Mont-Laurier International Theatre Festival, I often brought my troops to the tourist office where I am now the coordinator. I took them on a tour of a maple grove, tasted local products, showed them the beauty of the landscape and the warmth of a fire between friends under the starry sky.

With an interest in art, history, paddle sports and wilderness harvesting, I use this knowledge combined with my Bachelor of Arts with an interest in art, history, paddle sports and wilderness harvesting, I use this knowledge combined with my Bachelor of literature and my studies in educational technology to enhance our customer service and provide a unique place to make memories. In the end, we tell the story of the territory and it is up to the client to create their own story, but we are there to accompany them and advise them so that they can make the most of it.

“There is no more intimate relationship with nature than to pick it and taste it.”

My must-haves:

  1. Sleeping under the stars by a fire.
  2. Eat a twist.
  3. Navigate the three tanks.




Émilie Chouinard
Communications and Tourism Relations Officer

I have been living in the Upper-Laurentians for a year now. From my past as a traveler, I have always had the desire to discover new places and it is with my old companion Mackwa that I travel the trails of the region. In life, I have a motto: try everything at least once! And my new region did not disappoint me: from my first experiences in wilderness camping to driving a snowmobile, I could tell you with great pleasure the funny facts of each of these adventures !

I studied tourism and photography before landing here and as life is good, I am lucky enough to combine two of my passions in my work today. passions in my work today.

“Never go down the same path twice.”

My must-haves:

  1. Camping in a lean-to at the Parc régional Montagne du Diable.
  2. Pumpkin picking at the Michel Lacasse Farm.
  3. A weekend at Rabaska to see the grandeur of the Baskatong reservoir.





Myriam Perrier

Communications Assistant

As a native of Mont-Laurier, I have a strong attachment to the region where I grew up. I have always found it very rewarding to share our exceptional nature, local flavours and heritage with visitors. The Upper-Laurentians have so much to offer, that even small moments of simply enjoying nature are a unique experience every time.

Having started my studies in history before turning to marketing and then sustainable development, it can be said that my interests are very varied. These diverse learnings shape my daily work.

“The forest is the best medicine.”

My must-haves:

  1. A day at the beach with friends.
  2. Taste syrup from a local family maple grove.
  3. Walking at Mount Limoges in autumn.


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Written by : Kelly

Published on : 15 September 2021

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