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An Autumn Hike And Then...?

An Autumn Hike And Then...?

Autumn is well known for hiking and it is easy to understand why. The territory offers us breathtaking landscapes in addition to allowing us to breathe the fresh air of nature (and to have an Instagram of fire 😉) ! On the other hand, after 5 hikes, you may well be tired of it and want to experience autumn differently. Here are some suggestions to help you vary your fall activities.


1. Enjoy the lakes before the cold!

Even if the heat is slowly giving way to cooler weather, that’s no reason to send your canoe or kayak to gather dust at the bottom of the shed. And no! In addition to offering you beautiful coloured reflections on the water, the lakes are much less crowded and you will be less hot while paddling. Of course, you should dress well and make sure you wear a life jacket (remember that a fall into icy water can be dangerous, so avoid going alone).

Did you know that the regional parks continue to offer canoe and kayak rentals in the fall?

  1. Kiamika Regional Park: until October 3.
  2. Devil’s Mountain Regional Park: until Thanksgiving.
  3. Poisson Blanc Regional Park: until October 17.


2. Autumn flavours and products

Take a few moments to indulge in some comforting fall flavours. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Enjoy a great pumpkin latte at Kaffe Krème.
  2. Get an apple or pear product fromVerger Victoriaand have the chance to visit the orchard.
  3. Enjoy Ben Bagel ‘s famous apple bread as well as a load of other products.
  4. Get some good Oktoberfest sausages at Charcuterie les Bûcherons.
  5. Warm your heart with a good soup at the Microbrasserie du Lièvre and don’t hesitate to come back to discover their secret beer that will be released this fall!
  6. Get an autumn honey and much more at the boutique Miels d’Anicet.


3. Soft bike or sport bike?

If you’re more of a “look at the colors and have a snack” kind of person, I suggest you take a ride on the linear park P’tit Train du Nord. It doesn’t cost anything, the forest landscape is pretty and it’s a great family activity that doesn’t require too much effort. Are we tired? We change tack and go home 😉. If you are a mountain biker, we suggest you Montagne du Diable Regional Park which has trails for this purpose for a small entrance fee (about $8). Call them directly to find out the status of the trails.


4. Towing with dog

You have no motivation to do sport with the grey weather? Take a dog sled ride! Of what? Basically, you’ll be attached to a large, athletic doggie with a bungee cord. You will have the opportunity to spend a good time in the company of these dogs who will give you a paw on the slopes and keep you motivated. A great activity for families with older children or teenagers (8+).

Book at Aventure Quatre Saisons


5. An unusual accommodation

It’s grey, it’s flat and it’s wet? Get away from it all by bundling up in an unusual setting thanks to unusual accommodation. Whether it is a chalet ” yurt (to relax without complicating your life) or to spend a night under the starry sky in a dome, you have a ton of offers at your fingertips. You will be able to relax for a while and get away from everyday life.

Consult the unusual accommodations


6. Go see a show…well yes, that still exists!

Espace Théâtre recently unveiled its fall program with events for all tastes: music, theatre and comedy. With its large multipurpose room, it’s the perfect place to go for safe entertainment, to reconnect with culture and to have a chat from afar with your sister-in-law’s cousin whom you haven’t missed! In short, to find a certain normality and a little human warmth seasoned with distance.

Follow this link to know the program

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Written by : Kelly

Published on : 19 September 2021

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